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Superfighters Unblocked is a great fighting game inspired by games like Street Fighter. You can choose your favorite character from a wide variety of pixel heroes. In the next step, select the number of warriors in the arena, then press the spacebar to let the battle begin.

The key to winning in this game is to focus and use the environment to your advantage. In some stages you’ll notice that there are explosive barrels lying around, so shoot them when your enemy is nearby and you may see him go up in flames! Or use other items lying around, such as chairs and tables. Hit the ones with your melee attack and watch them wreak havoc on your enemy! Are you the king of Super Fighters? Good luck!

How to play:
Player 1:
Movement: Left and Right
Melee: N
Fire: M
Power Up:.

Player 2:
Movement: A&D
Skip: W
Squatting: S
Melee: 1
Shots: 2
Grenades: 3
Power Up: 4

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