Super Mario Bros

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Super Mario Bros
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Super Mario Bros Unblocked game is played on the computer with the arrow keys, SPACE and SHIFT keys. On mobile phones and tablets, move the plumber by dragging your finger left or right on the screen. Click on the letter A at the top of the screen to make Plumber Bros jump into the air. Run the plumber by moving quickly with the SHIFT key. Again, kill the creatures that attack you by shooting them with the SHIFT key.

Complete the level by reaching the end of the track safely before the time shown at the top of the screen runs out. You will encounter green water pipes as obstacles. Pass these pipes by jumping into the air. Kill the different animals between the pipes by jumping on them to kill you. Smash the light colored bricks by jumping and add the points in them to your score table. Some bricks grow mushrooms as food. Grow Plumber Bros by eating these mushrooms.

You have 3 lives. When you get caught by monsters 3 times, you fall down the gap and burn and the game ends. Complete the course by playing the super mario game without falling down the gaps you encounter as you progress on the course. This way, move on to the next chapter and start new adventures.

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