Stretch Legs Jump King 3D

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Stretch Legs Jump King 3D
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While playing the Stretch Legs Jump King 3D Unblocked game, you make the girl jump by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger and dragging it downwards. If you click on the screen again while the girl is floating in the air, the girl spreads her legs and holds on to the walls. The girl jumps into the air according to her jumping power. After she reaches a certain height, she starts to fall down again. As the girl falls down, you click on the screen to help her hold on to the walls next to her.

The walls on the side consist of brick and metal parts, spike traps and jumping areas. While the girl is trying to hold on to the walls, if her feet come across the metal parts, she slips and falls down to the brick part. If she hits the brick parts, the girl stops falling down. If she hits the spiked traps, the girl falls down quickly. If it lands on the jumping zones, it gains more levitation. If the girl reaches the finish point at the top of the track without falling to the ground, she completes the section and continues playing the Stretch Legs Jump King 3D game by moving on to the next section.

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