Stickman Knockdown

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Stickman Knockdown
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There is a marble with a number written on it at the bottom of the Stickman Knockdown Unblocked game screen and a human tower arranged in different colors at the top. You click on the marble with your mouse or finger and select it. Then you shake the marble back and forth or up and down and throw it forward. You complete the level when you explode and destroy all the people making up the tower. You have the number of shots equal to the number written on the marble. At the end of each throw, the number written on the ball decreases by 1. If there are still people left undead after using your shooting rights, you lose the level and you continue playing the Stickman Knockdown game by starting the same level again.

The people in the tower are different colors. When the marble hits the yellow people, the yellow ones immediately fall to the ground. Marbles cannot harm blue people. If marbles hit red people, they explode, destroying themselves and killing the people around them.

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