Stickman Escape School

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Stickman Escape School
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With the Stickman Escape School Unblocked game, you help the child who is bored of the lesson to go outside. When the bell rings, the teacher leaves the classroom and the student has the opportunity to go out. You use the saw, mask, sledgehammer, bomb, knife, key, slippers, cheese, rope and teleportation materials in the equipment bag. You may be caught by teachers or security guards while using some of these materials. By using some of them, you can gain your freedom by going out of the building.

You select the knife and open the ventilation hole to go up to the roof. You call a helicopter on the phone and move away from the building, and the words YOU ARE FREE appear on the screen. If you choose the parachute, you will fall to the ground and die. In this case, YOU LOSE appears on the screen. When you choose the bomb and stick it to the door, it explodes the entire classroom and you die in the room. When you try to break the door with a sledgehammer, the teacher coming from the corridor opens the door inwards and kills you. When you choose the mask, you will be kidnapped by aliens and become their food.

You cut the door with the saw and neutralize the teachers and security guards you encounter in the corridor. The soldiers waiting outside the building are also killing you. You go out of the building with the teleportation machine and respawn on the highway. Then you die under the truck. When you hang down from the building with a rope, you die after being dropped by the security guards. You attract a mouse to the classroom by choosing the cheese. The teacher, afraid of the mouse, runs away from the classroom and you also run out of the classroom. You go up to the roof by stepping on the bench. You are attacked by a crow and you fall down and die.

When you choose slippers, you leave the classroom in silence. If you get into the elevator, you get caught by the teacher. You silently descend the stairs and exit the building. While descending the stairs, you click on the TAP places on the screen to complete the descent. By choosing the key, you open the door and exit the building to gain your freedom. While playing the Stickman Escape School game, you attack the teachers and security guards you encounter by clicking on the TAP text that appears on the screen.

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