Stick War

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Stick War
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While playing Stick war Unblocked, you move your warrior character back and forth using the “A – S” and right-left arrow keys on computers. You can perform special attacks by clicking the buttons of the weapons that appear on the screen. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operations by clicking on the right-left arrows and attack buttons on the screen. You earn points as you kill enemy soldiers.

Using the points you earn, you recruit soldiers with different powers and features, such as swordsmen and archers. You can also improve your warrior character’s KNIFE ATK sword-wielding and BOW ATK arrow shooting power from the UPGRADE section. You also increase the power of your character from the HEALTH section.

From the top of the screen, you can track the length of the battlefield and your and enemy soldiers’ positions on the battlefield. In the ENEMY PROGRESS section, you can check the number of enemy soldiers you need to kill to complete the level and the number of enemy soldiers you have killed. As you progress through the levels, the powers and levels of enemy soldiers increase. You can also see the strength and levels of enemy soldiers on the left side of the ENEMY PROGRESS text. When you kill all the enemy soldiers, you complete the level and continue playing the stick war legacy game by moving on to the next level. When enemy soldiers kill the stickman and other soldiers you control and destroy your tower, you get burned and in this case you have to start the same level again.

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