Squad Goals Soccer 3D

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Squad Goals Soccer 3D
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While playing Squad Goals Soccer 3D Unblocked, you control your athlete by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. There are 5 athletes in both teams. You control the same athlete throughout the match. This means you do not have the chance to change athletes during the match. You make your athlete run after the ball and move towards the opponent’s goal. When you finish clicking, you pass or shoot at the goal. Likewise, when you end the clicking process while the ball is at the opponent’s feet, your athlete tries to slide and get the ball.

Each match is only one goal. So, when either team scores a goal, the match ends. When you score a goal and win the match, you earn points as a reward. You can follow your total score in the upper left corner of the screen. Using your points, you can improve your athlete’s shooting power, running speed and ball control skills.

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