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Spades Unblocked game consists of 4 players, mutually. The players sitting opposite each other form a team, while the other 2 players form a team. You, the player, and the others at the bottom of the screen are computer robots.

See your cards by clicking on the BID text on the table and tell your teammate and opponents the value you can get. Below each player’s name, the number he said and the number of tricks he received appear. Cards that you can throw on the table appear to be selected in each hand. Cards that you are prohibited from throwing cannot be selected. The trump cards are the black hearts, i.e. spades. These playing cards are more valuable than other playing cards.

At first, you cannot start the game with the trump card of spades. If someone throws a trump card, you can start the new game with the trump card. If, as a team, you get a trick less than the number you said; The number you say is multiplied by -10 and your score is recorded in your score. Let’s say you said 7 as a suit and took 5 cards. As a team, you sink to -70. If you get more than the number you said, the value you said is multiplied by +10 and the other numbers are added to this result and added to your score table. Let’s say you said 4 in total as a team and got 8 hands of cards. You win 40 points from 4 of these 8 hands. The other 4 is added to this value 40 and the number 44 is written on your score table. The team that reaches the full number of 500 first wins the game. Play the batah game by getting the number you say and more in each hand and leave the table as the winner. The score table appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

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