Spaces Solitaire

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Spaces Solitaire
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Spaces Solitaire Unblocked game consists of 56 squares, 4 rows and 14 columns. At the beginning, one square area in each line is left blank. The card in the row above the card on the left side of the box is placed in the empty boxes. Then, you place the cards one level above the cards on the left side into the other empty boxes and list all the cards from 1 to king.

There are 3 different levels on the landing page: NORMAL, RANDOM random and HARD. At the normal level, the boxes on the far left side of the cards are left empty. In the difficult level, the boxes on the far right of the cards are left empty. In the Random option, any 4 boxes are left empty in a mixed manner.

The time shown on the right side of the screen is given to sort all the cards. If you sort the cards before the time runs out, you complete the level and move on to the next section. You can avoid playing Spaces Solitaire game by sorting the cards in a shorter time by using the card position change, shifting cards to the right and hint buttons at the bottom. We hope you have a fun time by improving your mind and attention skills in each level and section.

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