Sort Parking

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Sort Parking
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Sort Parking Unblocked game consists of a parking lot where vehicles of different colors and models are parked. The parking lot is in two opposite sections. There is a road with traffic flowing between the sections. You can also move the vehicle from one section to another section. To move vehicles from one place to another, you first click on the vehicle you want to move with your mouse or finger and select it to bring it to the front of the parking lot. Then, you move the vehicle and drive it by clicking on the parking area where you want the vehicle to go.

Each space in the car park fits a maximum of 4 vehicles. Accordingly, there are 4 vehicles of the same color and model. In order for the vehicles to change places, the vehicle you choose must be the same color and model as the vehicle at the end of the row you want the vehicle to go. If the vehicle at the end of the row is not the same as the vehicle you chose, the replacement process does not occur. When 4 vehicles are parked in the same row, a red flag is planted at the front of the row and the process is completed for that row.

When starting to play the Sort Parking game, 2 or 3 rows are left empty in each section. By parking your vehicle in these rows, you make it easier to carry out transactions in other rows. You earn points at the end of each level. You can buy vehicles of different colors and models using the points you earn. You can also continue this puzzle solving adventure in different places by unlocking new parking lots.

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