Soccer Legends 2021

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Soccer Legends 2021
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In Unblocked Soccer Legends 2021, players are back on the field to play more intense matches than ever and try to win the beloved championship. Accompanied by the game’s intro music (as famous as the Champions League anthem), you can choose your favorite club from among the 17 available. Each will be represented by two iconic actors. You will be able to play in different game modes, 1v1 or 2v2. In a tournament, quick match, or against a friend, each mode can be played alone or with two players on the same device. Jump at the right time to kick the ball or make a save and use your special kick wisely to surprise your opponent.

Move – WASD or Arrow keys

Hit – L or X

Supershot – K or Z

About the creator:
Soccer Legends 2021 was created by MadPuffers.

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