Sniper Shooter 2

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Sniper Shooter 2
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While playing Sniper Shooter 2 Unblocked, when you click on the target mark on the screen with your mouse or finger, the scope of your sniper gun opens. If you drag your mouse or finger on the screen while continuing to click, you change the direction of your gun. When you match the target point of the gun to the area where you will hit, you end the clicking process and fire.

In each level, stationary or moving enemy soldiers appear on the opposite side of you. You complete the level by killing all enemy soldiers with your sniper gun. Your remaining energy is displayed on the scale at the top of the screen, and the remaining bullets in your weapon’s magazine are displayed on the upper part of the scale. The number of bullets in your gun decreases every time you fire. When the bullets you shoot hit the feet or bodies of enemy soldiers, the killing does not occur. For this, you need to hit the bullets on the soldiers’ heads to kill the enemy soldiers at once. Additionally, when you shoot at the bomb boxes in the enemy area while playing the Sniper 2 game, you can kill all the soldiers around the bomb boxes at once.

When you leave the trench, enemy soldiers also shoot at you. If enemy bullets hit you, your energy decreases. If your energy is zero or the number of bullets in your gun is zero, you will be burned. In this case, you have to repeat the same section. In some sections, there are hostages among enemy soldiers. If one of the hostages dies during the conflict, you are on the hook.

You earn points at the end of each kill. By using the points you earn, you can increase the DAMAGE damage power of your sniper gun and the energy level of your HP soldier. Or you can buy a new and more effective sniper gun from the SHOP section. So you can finish the next levels with fewer shots. You can also kill enemy soldiers by picking up the BAZUKA gun that appears on the right side of the screen and shooting it.

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