Snail Bob 3

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Snail Bob 3
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Our favorite snail returns for another adventure in Snail Bob 3 Unblocked. In the third part of the popular game series, we travel to the land of mummies, pharaohs and pyramids. Corn may sound fun and exciting, but Bob will be in big trouble if he doesn’t return to his grandfather soon. Do you think you can help him?

Oh, if only the kids had listened to their grandfather… If Snail Bob had listened to his grandfather and stopped playing with that portal, everything would have been so much easier, right? But we think a little adventure is fun, too. But things are about to get out of control in Egypt, so in order to return, Bob must find the portal that brought him here. Your goal in this game is to help Bob complete 20 levels and get back to his grandfather. You will need to solve the puzzles you encounter in each level, face your enemies and avoid traps to reach your goal in one piece. Just click on the items and buttons in the correct order to pass each level. If you do something wrong, you will have to reboot, so be careful! And don’t forget! There are 3 hidden stars in each level. To unlock the paintings in the art gallery you need to find them all. Do you think Bob can return home before it’s too late?

Hunter Hamster developed this game.

Fun game
20 different levels to play
Intuitive controls
Colorful 2D graphics
You can use your mouse to play this game.

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