Smile Cube

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Smile Cube
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The Smile Cube Unblocked game screen consists of different colored square blocks placed side by side and one under the other. Click on two or more square blocks of the same color to make them disappear. As you destroy all the blocks in the same column, the blocks on the right side fill the gap and slide to the left side. In other words, as the blocks in the same column disappear, the upper right corner of the screen begins to open. Our goal is to destroy all square pieces so that no blocks remain on the screen. As you destroy blocks, you earn points. Some blocks have an asterisk on them. When you destroy these blocks, regional explosions occur and you earn more points at once.

The screen is filled with colored blocks 5 times in total. While playing the Smile Cube game, when there are no double blocks left on the screen, you get burned and move on to the next stage. You can track the amount of points you have earned and the stage you are at at the top of the screen. In the following stages, there are gray wall blocks on the screen. You destroy the walls by destroying the colored blocks on the sides of these gray blocks.

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