Smarty Bubbles

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Smarty Bubbles
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Smarty Bubbles Unblocked game consists of 6 different colored balls: red, light dark blue, purple, orange and green. Make at least 3 balls of the same color disappear by combining them.

You earn points with each explosion. To earn higher scores in one shot, you need to destroy as many balls as possible at a time. Your total score appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you wait a little longer by clicking the mouse or the screen, the location where you will shoot appears on the screen as an aim. This makes it easier for you to play Smarty Bubbles. When you make empty moves, the balls above come down. After a certain point, a red line appears at the bottom. When there is no space left to move on the atl side, you get burned.

You can direct the ball by hitting it against the right and left walls of the screen.

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