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Rate this post is one of the most popular io games you can play online. Here we will try to tell you how to play, what the effective game tactics are and, as far as I know, how you can be successful in the game.

In the Unblocked Slither io game, you are a snake and when you start the game, you must try to grow by eating the round food around you. Every bait you collect will grow you and earn you points. You collect the baits of the player who died by hitting you by shooting them before they hit other opponents. The logic of the game is simple, you need to press the space bar to move quickly in the game, and you can make left, right and other screen movements using your mouse.

Let’s talk about game tactics. My advice to you is to play the game without fear. When you start the game, it is not clear where to start. No matter where you start, move to midfield in the game. The reason you go to midfield is because players always go to midfield and there are many losers in midfield. When you go to the central area, do not be afraid of the big snakes and follow them, they will do this somewhere and die.

As soon as you see that the big snake is dead, try to collect the bait from the dead big snake without letting others collect the bait with the space bar. Friends, with this method I get to the list in less than 3 minutes. I recommend it to you too. Stay tuned and follow the wonderful years and as I said, don’t be afraid of them. What can you do if you are afraid that you will start the game again, the worst thing is. Actually big snakes are afraid of you because they will kill me, relax and enjoy the game.

You have grown up and entered the list, in which case you need to be afraid of the little ones. When you grow up, my advice to you is to go to the edges and do not play in a crowded place with many users in the middle. unblocked
If you are a big player, you do the opposite, you play on the edges, not in the middle, so you can stay on the list more in the game. Of course, other players will see you on the list longer. Our aim in the game is to stay on the list for a long time by collecting the highest score.

Those who have problems with the game getting stuck can reduce the graphic resolution by dropping it on the snake from the Graphis area at the top during the game. When you lower the graphic resolution, you will be able to play more easily without any lag.

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