Shooter Rush

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Shooter Rush
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Shooter Rush Unblocked game is played by moving the mouse on computers, and by moving your finger left and right and back and forth on the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. As you move your character on the battlefield, your character shoots non-stop. There are robots consisting of red dots as enemies against your character. As soon as the robots see your character, they come over and attack your character. If even one of the robots touches your character, you are in trouble. For this, you must continue playing the Shooter Rush game by scanning and neutralizing all of the robots from a distance, without allowing them to approach your character. When you kill all the robots, you go to the H helicopter area at the end of the track and complete the level. From here, you get on the helicopter and move on to the next section. You earn money as you kill robots and complete levels. With the money accumulated in your safe, you can buy new and more powerful weapons and be more successful in the next levels.

As you kill red robots, the bar at the top of the screen fills up. When this scale is completely filled, it means there are no robots left on the track. You can also follow the amount of money in your safe from the upper right corner of the screen.

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