Shape Change Transform Race

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Shape Change Transform Race
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While playing the Shape Change Transform Race Unblocked game, you move by clicking on the pictures of running men, cars, ships, helicopters, bicycles and missiles at the bottom of the screen. Each section consists of a different track. You start each track with a different number of competitors, and the area on the track where each competitor will advance is indicated by lines.

The tracks consist of stairs, highways, seas and cliffs. You select the appropriate option by clicking the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen. You need to choose the appropriate vehicle at each stage of the track. In this way, you advance faster and outshine your competitors. If you choose the wrong vehicle, you will progress slower and fall behind your competitors. If you complete the track as the leader, you complete the section and gain the right to pass to the next section. If one of your opponents completes the course before you, you lose and in this case you have to start the same section again.

You earn points as you pass the levels. Using the points you earn, you can buy new and faster runners, cars, helicopters, ships and bicycles from the SHOP section. Thus, you can win the next levels more easily while playing the Shape Change Transform Race game.

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