Shadow Stickman Fight

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Shadow Stickman Fight
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While playing the Shadow Stickman Fight Unblocked game, you move your character back and forth by clicking the “A – D” and right-left arrow keys on computers. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operations by clicking on the right and left side of the screen with your finger.

When your character moves back and forth, he attacks. Enemies run towards your character from the left and right sides and attack. Your warrior character runs towards his enemies and attacks. You run towards your enemies and kill them by attacking. If enemy soldiers attack and hit you, you die. In this case, you get burned and have to start the same section again. You earn 100 points for every enemy you kill. You can also save money in your safe by collecting the gold coins that appear at different points of the battlefield.

While playing the Shadow Stickman Fight game, the tasks you need to do at the beginning of each level are written on the screen. These tasks; They are listed as the number of points you need to collect, the amount of gold and the number of deaths. When you complete these tasks, you finish the level and continue to experience adventurous moments by moving on to the next section.

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