Run 3

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Run 3
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Unblocked Run 3 is an incredibly addictive endless runner type action/platformer where you play as a little gray alien. The little alien is trespassing in an architecturally difficult area floating in space. You are on the run after entering the restricted area filled with increasingly dangerous holes. If you fall into one of the holes, you’ll find yourself lost in space, so be sure to watch your step!

You can choose between two different modes while playing. In endless mode you run as long as you can. It’s your job to keep your character from going astray. Because if you do, they’ll drift off into the vastness of space. Run 3 can start simple and easy. At first, gaps in the tunnel can be easily avoided as you can see them from a distance. But as you continue running, the difficulty increases. Easily noticeable gaps occur more frequently. Not only that, but they come at you much faster because you’ve gained a lot of speed. You’ll need some pretty solid reflexes to help your chubby friend jump off bottomless chasms. Make sure you land safely on the other side and keep running. Be careful though, if you make so much as one mistake you will lose your footing and fall into space with no end in sight.

Alternatively, you can choose exploration mode, where you progress level by level until you’ve seen everything the Run 3 universe has to offer. As you race through challenging courses, you may even find a new location to explore another side of the campaign map. Unlock different characters and skins, as well as additional abilities as you jump from one platform to another. All in an elusive attempt to reach the next level! Run 3 is a free action game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to cross the rickety platform that keeps falling out from under your feet. Your jumps need to be perfectly timed and perfectly accurate. Even the slightest mistake will create a snowball that will make the stage exponentially more difficult. If you can’t master the art of running and leaping off tiny ledges hanging above the cliff, the later stages will become basically impassable for you.

Play this crazy and addictive little reaction game where you control your runner with the arrow keys as you speed around the dimensional race track. Jump into the action and never give up until you emerge victorious at the ultimate finish line. Luckily, the tunnels you’ll be racing through are barrier-free. There is nothing more fun than feeling the rush of jumping hole after hole while running like a real professional player. Don’t go, but go through endless tunnels. Jump and run non-stop on this cool alien race track. Beat the game by letting your action runner finish the track. Memorize particularly challenging sections of the course before training your reflexes to make the jump at the right time and with the right amount of power. Test how long you can keep yourself on the dropping platforms to find the right path to victory. Have fun online and for free with Run 3 at!

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Try different game modes

There are several different game modes when playing Run 3, including exploration mode and endless mode. Explore mode allows you to progress through the levels, while endless mode allows you to test your skill with the arrow keys in an endless version. This is definitely one of the best flash games we’ve seen and is a great running and jumping game.

Unlimited options – jump over obstacles or run along walls to manipulate gravity to help (or hinder) your gameplay
Find new alien characters with advanced abilities to help you survive
Unique graphics combining 3D gameplay with a cartoon style
Easy controls that make the game easy to understand and play
Run 3 can be played in a web browser, Android or iOS.

The game was developed by Joseph Cloutier, an American indie developer.

Release date
June 2014

This game uses flash. To play this game, make sure you enable flash and reload the page.

The controls of this game are WASD or arrow keys:
SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
A or LEFT Arrow = Left
D or RIGHT Arrow = Right

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