Riddle School 3

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Riddle School 3
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Riddle School 3 Unblocked game is the third part of the fun point and click puzzle game where you have to escape from school. The curious and rebellious boy once again has only one goal in mind, and that is to escape the most boring place in the world. In this free online game, you must go through various halls and rooms inside a huge two-story school to find objects and characters that will help you escape.

Your goal is very simple and clear. You must find the key that opens the door to beautiful freedom. But of course you’ll need to find a way to get the key from Mr. Potato, who occupies an office blocked by not only the annoying secretary but also an extremely stubborn student leaning on the door. What can you do to get him out of there? Embark on a long quest that will take you from room to room. Have fun playing Riddle School 3, a fun free online game on!

Controls: Mouse

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