Retro Highway 2

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Retro Highway 2
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While playing the Retro Highway 2 Unblocked game, you steer the vehicle using the “A – D” and right-left arrow keys on computers. You turn on the NITRO speed feature by clicking the SPACE spacebar. In this case, your vehicle moves faster on the highway and you cover a longer distance in a short time. The NITRO speed scale appears on the right side of the screen. When this bar is full, you can use the nitro speed feature again.

On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operation by clicking on the right and left sides of the screen with your finger.

Your vehicle accelerates on its own. You just steer the vehicle left and right, allowing it to move on the highway. You earn prize money by collecting gold coins on the road. Additionally, if you pass too close to other cars in traffic, go through jump ramps and fly in the air, or pass over cars, you earn extra cash prizes. Using the money you earn, you can increase your car’s features such as acceleration, durability or magnets in the UPGRADE section. You can also buy new vehicles from the SHOP section. You can play the retro motorcycle game by driving on different highways by choosing locations such as mountains, cities and deserts. You can have a fun time by experiencing a different excitement and adventure in each episode.

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