Red Ball vs Green King

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Red Ball vs Green King
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In the Red Ball vs Green King match Unblocked Red ball key collecting game is played with the right and left arrow keys and clicking on the screen. We can use the arrow keys on the computer if we want. If we want, we can move the ball by clicking on the screen with the mouse. On mobile phones, just click on the screen.

In each section, there is a green switch in one corner of the screen and an exit door in another corner of the screen. You complete the level by first taking this green key with the red ball and then going to the exit door. But the road is full of traps. These traps are sharp saws in black color. Play the red ball key collection game without hitting these saws. Every time you hit these saws, you lose one life. You have a total of 10 lives. Your remaining life rights are written in the LIFES section in the upper left corner of the screen.

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