Red Ball 6

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Red Ball 6
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Red ball 6 Unblocked game is played by using the arrow keys on computers, and by clicking the right, left and up arrow keys at the bottom of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets.

You go on a journey with the red ball from the starting point of the track. You earn points by collecting stars hanging in the air on each track. You need to complete the level by getting the key hidden in the most difficult part of the track.

In this adventure, we are trying to help our red ball trying to reach the exit door. The red ball goes on a long journey consisting of chapters to reach its lover with whom it will fall in love. During the journey, he needs to hide from evil square enemies. Since you see the square boxes, you need to continue your way by jumping over them. Or you can earn points by jumping on them and destroying them. Continue playing the red ball 6 game by trying to overcome the obstacles and reach the exit door at the end of the track. If you get caught in traps and squares or fall down gaps before reaching the exit door, you will burn. When you get burned, you have to start the same section again. Carefully finish each level and reunite with your lover by completing all the levels.

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