Red Ball 5

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Red Ball 5
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While playing the Red ball 5 Unblocked game, you use the arrow keys on computers, and the right, left and up buttons at the bottom of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. You complete the level by continuing with the red ball to the illuminated door at the end of each level. You earn points by collecting stars hanging in the air without getting caught by the monsters you encounter. To open the closed walls, you need to press the buttons around. You climb the high steps by dragging wooden boxes back and forth. You have a total of 3 lives. If you get caught in traps or hit monsters, you lose one life. You can jump on monsters and kill them without losing your health. The amount of gold you have earned appears in the upper right corner. You can buy new balls from the MARKET section using these gold coins. Thus, you can continue playing the red ball game by starting the next levels with the balls you have just purchased.

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