Ragdoll Mega Dunk

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Ragdoll Mega Dunk
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Ragdoll Mega Dunk Unblocked game consists of a jumping track, trampoline, glass ceiling and basketball hoop. You have a basketball player on the jumping track. You adjust your jump direction by dragging and moving the red arrow on the front of your basketball player left and right with your mouse or finger. In some sections, there is a trampoline between the hoop and the jumping track, in some sections there is a glass ceiling, and in some sections there is nothing at all.

When your basketball player floats into the air from the jumping track, you adjust the direction of your athlete by dragging your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. You complete the level when you put your athlete in the basket with the ball and score a basket. At the end of each episode, the jury members give points between 1 and 10, depending on your basketball player’s success. If the ball and the basketball player enter the hoop at the end of the jump and there is no score, you will be burned and in this case you will have to start the same section again. At the same time, your basketball player’s bones may break as a result of the fall.

You can buy new athletes from the SHOP section using the points you earn. You can choose one of the 9 different basketball players here and continue playing the Ragdoll Mega Dunk game.

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