Quiz Guess The Flag

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Quiz Guess The Flag
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While playing Quiz Guess The Flag Unblocked game, we try to learn the symbols of more than 200 countries in the world. You will see a flag at the top of the screen and four options at the bottom. Country names are written in the options. One of these country names belongs to the flag above. The other three are randomly written incorrect country names.

You move on to the next question by choosing the correct option from the four options below. You earn 1 POINT for each question you answer correctly. If you choose the wrong option, you lose one life. At the top of the screen, your correct number and remaining lives are displayed with heart images. You have 3 lives in total. So, if you answer 3 questions wrong, you lose. Next to the trophy picture is your best score ever.

The meaning of the text “WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS FLAG” means “Which country does this flag belong to?”

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