Prison Escape Online

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Prison Escape Online
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Prison Escape Online Unblocked game consists of 13 levels. In each section, three different options appear at the bottom of the screen. You complete the section by clicking on the correct one of these options with your mouse or finger. If you choose the wrong option, you will get caught by the security guards. In this case, you continue to play the Prison Escape 3 game by having to start the same level again.

In the first part, you choose the ropes and wrap them around your hand. Then, you punch the wall, make a hole in it, and get out of the hole. In the second part, you give a bone to the guard dog. In the third part, you move to the other building using the stairs. In the fourth part, you pass in front of the guards by dragging the laundry cart. In the fifth level, you fly from the garden to the other building. In the sixth chapter, you continue on your way by giving a phone call to the officer you encounter in the cafeteria. In the seventh episode, you distract the guard by turning on the television with the television remote control. In the eighth section, you enter room number three. In the ninth chapter, you knock out the guards with the poison in the bottle. In the tenth chapter, you give cheese to the mouse you encounter. In the eleventh chapter, you continue on your way wearing a guard outfit. You complete playing the Prison Escape Online game by entering room number one in the twelfth chapter.

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