Prinxy Winterella

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Prinxy Winterella
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There are pictures of 3 different girls on the landing page of the Prinxy Winterella Unblocked game. You take the girls one by one to the beauty salon and care for their faces. On the right side of the make-up page, there are care materials to be used, and on the left side, there are girls. The area where you will use the material you have chosen is indicated by green dashed lines on the girls’ faces. You carry out your operations by applying the materials to this cut-out area. When your transaction is completed, the green dashed line disappears from the screen.

In the first stage, you clean the girls’ face with natural creams. Thus, you remove the residue and dead skin from the girl’s skin and moisturize the skin. In the second stage, you paint around the girls’ eyes using the materials on the right side of the screen, apply lipstick to their lips, put lenses in their eyes, draw how many eyelashes they have, and finally, you complete the part by wearing earrings, necklaces and crowns. You complete the Prinxy Winterella game by performing the same operations for 3 girls.

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