Poke The Presidents

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Poke The Presidents
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While playing the Poke The Presidents Unblocked game, you throw objects by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. Objects are thrown to the point where you click on the screen. World leaders such as Trump, Hitler and Kim Jong Un appear before the cameras to hold press conferences. One of the citizens following the press conference protested by throwing objects he brought with him, such as crumpled pieces of paper, eggs, tomatoes and shoes, at the leaders. When objects hit the leaders, you make them angry.

You see 2 indicator panels in the upper left corner of the screen. The upper indicator is the leaders’ pestering level, and the lower indicator shows the leaders’ anger level. On the left side of the area where the press conference is held, there are items such as cameras, world maps, flowers and lamps, on the middle side there are leaders speaking at the podium, and on the right side there is the leader’s bodyguard. You annoy the leader by throwing objects at the camera, the leader or the guard. When the nerve scale in the upper left is filled, the leader breaks the press conference and continues the press conference again when the security in the hall is ensured.

You earn points for every object you throw. Using the points you earn, you can buy objects, protection and objects to be thrown to the area where the press conference will be held from the SHOP section. When you throw newly purchased items at the leaders, the annoyance coefficient increases even more. When the leader gives up, he leaves the hall where the press conference is held and never returns. After this, the leader of another country starts the press conference. You continue playing the Poke The Presidents game by throwing objects and attacking the new leader.

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