Pinball Brick Mania

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Pinball Brick Mania
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There is an area where white balls are thrown at the top of the Pinball Brick Mania Unblocked game screen, and there are objects of different colors and shapes at the bottom. Numbers are written inside the objects. Each time the white balls hit the shapes, the number inside the shapes decreases by “1”. When the number inside the shapes drops to “0”, the shape disappears and disappears. He earns points equal to the number in the disappearing shape. You can follow the amount of points you have earned in the SCORE section.

After each white throw, the shapes at the bottom move up one unit. When the top shape hits the line above, you’re on fire. Among the shapes there are white balls with a “+” sign inside. You can buy these balls and increase your number of shots at a time. This way, you can reduce the numbers in the shapes more at once. While playing Pinball Brick Mania game, you must throw the balls at an angle and try to destroy other shapes. In this way, you can prevent the shapes from going upwards and earn more points.

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