Peet Sneak

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Peet Sneak
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While playing the Peet Sneak Unblocked game, you move your character by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. The route your character takes while moving is drawn with colored lines. The track consists of inside a house. Inside the house, there are rooms with locked doors, walls, boxes and various items. There are also guards patrolling the house. The guards’ field of vision is indicated by the white area in front of them. If your character enters this white area, he is chased by guards. If the guards catch your character, you’re screwed. In this case, you have to start the same section again. If you find all the keys and open the locked doors of the rooms without being caught by the guards, you complete the level and continue playing the Peet Sneak game by moving on to the next level.

You can keep track of the number of keys you need to find in your department and house in the upper left corner of the screen.

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