PacMan FPS

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PacMan FPS
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This is the classic Pacman FPS game but with a twist! Instead of playing the top-down retro version, you dive into a 3D maze and go head-to-head with ghosts in the action-packed Pacman shooter! Each level features a different Pacman maze and you must collect dots (like in the original) and avoid being eaten by ghosts!

In addition to collecting dots, you are also armed with a gun and can smash attacking ghosts. As you travel through the mazes, you must collect berries to replenish your HP and plus icons to replenish your weapon’s ammo. The difficulty of the levels gradually increases and you must collect more dots. Watch out for ghosts and be alert; You never know when they’ll surprise you! Jump into the world of Pacman and play this great interpretation of a retro classic today!

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