Mr. Mine

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Mr. Mine
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Mr. Mine Unblocked game is a very interesting ore mining game with addictive gameplay where you expand a mining business. Dig deep into the earth and mine natural minerals and treasures to sell. The money you earn will help you grow and upgrade your mining business, taking you even deeper into the earth’s core.

Dig deeper to get more resources and minerals to sell. You will also come across treasure chests as you dig. These chests contain random rewards ranging from small to very large amounts of money and resources. You can then use the money to buy upgraded items, which will make you a more efficient miner!

While mining you will eventually reach the underground city. At this point, you will be introduced to a pyramid where you will find new resources and tasks you need to complete.

You start the game with a humble shovel to dig. Once you earn enough money, you can upgrade your digging methods from shovels to crushers; When you earn enough money drill the nuclear excavator. Beyond this point, upgrades become supernatural, with workers replaced by aliens and demons! If you like this game, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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