Mountain Tank

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Mountain Tank
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While playing the Mountain Tank Unblocked game, you move the armored vehicle left and right by using the “A – D” arrow keys on computers. You fire by clicking on the BULLET image on the right with the mouse. On mobile phones and mobile devices, you move by clicking on the left and right OK buttons on the left side of the screen, and you shoot your enemies by clicking on the LEAD image on the right side with your finger.

The battlefield consists of pits and hills. You enter into conflict with your enemies by advancing on difficult mountain roads. When the barrel of the armored vehicle hits the enemy vehicles, you shoot by clicking on the bullet image. Enemy armors are destroyed by single fire. Enemy vehicles also shoot when they approach you. You can see your damage amount on the indicator on the top of your armored vehicle. You take damage when enemy battleships fire at you. When your gauge resets, your armored vehicle explodes and disappears. In this case, you get burned and have to start the same section again.

You can see your progress level in the section from the SESSIONS indicator at the top of the screen. As you destroy enemy battleships, this gauge fills up a little. When this gauge is completely full, a giant enemy armor appears before you. This giant enemy battleship says BOSS. When you destroy the giant enemy armored vehicle, you complete the level and continue playing the Mountain Tank game by moving on to the next level.

You earn money as you destroy enemy battleships and diamonds as you complete levels. You can increase your armor, speed and firing power from the UPGRADE section by using your coins. You can buy even faster and stronger armored vehicles from the SHOP section using your diamonds.

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