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Welcome to Motherload Unblocked, an exciting mining game where you take control of a powerful capsule and embark on a mission to mine valuable resources. Your goal is to go deep underground, collect minerals and return them to the mineral processing plant for profit.

As you navigate the depths, remember to be strategic in your movements. To dig, go next to or under diggable material, but be aware that drilling directly is not possible. Before starting your mining activities, make sure your fuel tank is full at the gas station. If you find yourself far from a charging station, use compressed fuel bottles to keep going.

The minerals you collect can be traded for cash, which you can then use to purchase upgrades. Enhance your pod’s capabilities by investing in upgrades such as fuel tank expansions, increased cargo capacity, improved drills, more powerful engines, reinforced hulls and efficient radiators. These upgrades are automatically applied upon purchase. If your capsule becomes too heavy to stay aloft, click on it to expel the minerals and lighten your load. Additionally, advanced nanobots will repair your pod if the repair station is inaccessible.

Your journey will take you deep into the earth where rare artifacts and resources await. With upgraded hardware, you can dig deeper, discovering precious minerals like platinum and emeralds. As you investigate further, you may even come across religious artifacts that instantly reward you with $50,000.

Embrace the exciting challenges of Motherload as you navigate the depths, upgrade your pod, and unlock valuable resources. Fuel up, sell your minerals and become a master miner in this fascinating underground adventure.

Made in Adobe flash in 2004, it can now be played online again.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

How to play:
Arrow Keys/WASD = Move
X = Dynamite
i = Inventory
R = Repair
C = Explosives

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