Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart
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Monkey Mart Unblocked game is waiting for you, a fun simulation game where you will own your own supermarket by controlling a cute monkey character. In Monkey Mart, you have to travel around a world full of delicious fruits and vegetables, stocking the shelves with a variety of foods for customers to purchase. Selling bananas, corn, eggs and many more products is really fun! You must first grow all the products you will sell yourself, then collect the products you grow and place them on the shelves. The products you place on the shelves will be purchased by customers. Finally, you should go to the cash register and collect the payments that customers will make for the products they purchased. Of course, the less you make customers wait while doing these, the more satisfied they will be when they leave the market. In this context, you will have to be fast and skillful because our monkeys are impatient and hungry! Grow your market step by step and try to be the best monkey market in your neighborhood.

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