Minecraft Classic

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Minecraft Classic
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Minecraft Classic Unblocked game is played with arrow keys, “SPACE” spacebar, numbers 1-9, “T” and “C” keys. Move to move around the map with the arrow keys. Jump with SPACE. Break the blocks with the left mouse button, and place blocks wherever you want with the right mouse button. Place trees around with C. You can perform the same operations on mobile phones and mobile tablets by clicking the buttons at the bottom and right of the screen.

You can keep track of how much of which material you have collected at the bottom of the screen. You can build structures such as castles or houses using the materials here. You perform the construction process by clicking the right mouse button. You choose which material you will use by clicking on the numbers 1 to 9. By clicking the T button, you throw the material you collected back to the square. You can save the game by pressing CTRL + S. This way, you can continue playing Minecraft from where you left off.

Try not to fall into the water. If you stay in water for a long time, you die by drowning.

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