Merge 2048 Gun Rush

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Merge 2048 Gun Rush
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While playing Merge 2048 Gun Rush Unblocked, you control pistols or rifles by dragging your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. You start the course with a gun with the number 2 written on it. As you progress on the track, you come across towers with numerical values on them. There are also pistols and rifles on these towers. The power of pistols and rifles is proportional to the numbers written on them. The pistols and rifles you have are constantly firing. As you shoot at the towers, the number value on them decreases. The tower with a numerical value of “0” collapses and the gun or rifle on it falls to the ground. As you progress on the track, you pick up the gun or rifle that falls on the ground and increase your power.

Guns or rifles with the same number in your hand combine to turn into a new gun or rifle at the next level. For example, the guns you have with a value of “2” are combined to obtain a new gun with a value of “4”. Thus, the new gun has a faster and more powerful shooting effect than the previous one. Additionally, as you progress on the track, you will encounter green and red doors. Green doors have features that will increase the firing power, number of shots and additional ammunition of your gun or rifle. Red doors have features that will reduce these values. For this, while playing the 2048 gun game, you must increase your power by avoiding the red doors and passing through the green doors.

When you reach the end of the track, you will encounter a red enemy army. You complete the level by shooting at your enemies and destroying them all. If you cannot destroy your enemies, you will be burned and in this case you will have to start the same level again. You earn points as you complete the levels. By using the points you earn, you increase the shooting speed in the SPEED section and the damage output in the DAMAGE section.

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