Melty Time

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Melty Time
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Melty Time Unblocked game consists of 7 columns and 10 lines. You try to create a connection by drawing a line between them by clicking on strawberry, apple, orange, banana and similar cakes, respectively. The drawn line can have a maximum of 2 corners. If there is no way to connect the cakes, they cannot match. You can start playing the Melty Time game by first combining the products on the edges with each other. Thus, you gradually clean the screen by coming from the edges to the center. In some levels, when you destroy the cakes, the remaining cakes on the screen gather in one direction. This situation actually creates opportunities in itself. You must destroy them by drawing connections between matching cakes in the immediate center.

You can track the time you spend in the department from the TIME section at the top of the screen. You can destroy any two cakes by clicking the FORK button at the bottom.

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