Mahjong Connect

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Mahjong Connect
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Destroy the checkers by clicking repeatedly, which is the same as the Mahjong connect Unblocked game. Click on identical stones in the same row and column to make them disappear. The missing stone is replaced by the one on the left, emptying the left side of the screen. If there are the same stones side by side in the rows and columns in between, play the mahjong connect game by clicking on them and making them disappear.
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Play mahjong connect game by clearing all the tiles arranged in 14 rows and 10 columns and completing the level. In the first part, the stones on the upper rows replace the missing stones in the lower rows. In the following sections, the places of the destroyed stones remain empty. You gain extra time at the end of each operation. Your remaining time appears at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot pair for a long time, the time will run out and you will be burned. Complete the level by destroying all the dominoes on the screen by matching them one after the other.

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