Lucy All Season Fashioninsta

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Lucy All Season Fashioninsta
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Lucy All Season Fashioninsta Unblocked game consists of 4 different sections: summer, winter, spring and autumn fashion. In each episode, there is a girl on the left side of the screen and a wardrobe on the right side. The wardrobe consists of 6 sections: one-piece clothes, shirts and sweaters, skirts and trousers, hairstyles, necklaces and earrings. First, you click on the menu buttons of the sections with your mouse or finger and open the relevant section of the cabinet. The products in the menu appear on the right.

The product you click on is immediately put on the girl on the left side of the screen. You can also examine other options in the same menu by clicking on the right and left arrow buttons at the bottom of the cabinet. Complete the Lucy All Season Fashioninsta game by choosing clothes suitable for all seasons for the girl and creating a new fashion icon.

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