Lucky Looter

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Lucky Looter
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Lucky Looter Unblocked game is played with the mouse on computers, and by dragging your finger left, right, forward and backward on the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. Enter through the back door of homes or workplaces and commit robberies without coming into view of security guards. Security guards are constantly patrolling the house. Their field of vision appears within a white line. Play the Lucky Looter game by stealing valuables and money from the security guards’ backside. As long as you drag the mouse or your finger on the screen, you are committing a robbery. When you take your mouse or finger off the screen, you hide in the cardboard box next to you. As soon as the security guards notice you, immediately protect yourself by hiding under the cardboard. Once the danger is over, immediately get out from under the cardboard and continue robbing. As soon as the security guards notice you, they run after you and chase you. In this way, the thief-police chase takes place. If you get in your car and escape before the police, you complete the level.

The robbery you need to do appears graphically at the top of the screen. While doing the robbery, this graph is slowly filling up. After a certain point, you encounter stars on the chart. If you earn even one star, you complete the level. When you earn a star, run to your car without taking any risks, complete the level and move on to the next level.

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