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Krunker io game is played with arrow keys and mouse. Shoot by clicking the left mouse button. You can also move with the arrow keys or “A, S, D, W” keys. Jump with the SPACE spacebar. There are menu buttons on the left side of the screen. Create a profile for yourself by choosing a password and username from the PROFILE menu button. Save your profile by clicking the REGISTER button. There are game types such as team battle, single battle, capture the flag and standing in a certain region or area. You can click on the MODS menu and download new mods to your computer. Or you can play the krunker io game by clicking on the screen as soon as the game opens and starting any battle. You can earn points as you kill people, win battles, or wait in the yellow area. You can buy new weapons and protective armor for yourself from the SHOP menu with the points you earn.

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