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5/5 - (1 vote) is a multiplayer 3D first-person warrior game with fast-paced and dynamic gameplay. It is a slightly slower-paced web FPS than other web FPS games such as It’s a game like Counter-Strike, but you can play it in your web browser. This online FPS game features features such as parkour, capture point, team battle and single combat. This game has great graphics and great sound effects. It is truly an FPS game that works very well in your browser.

Fight rival players with a devastating variety of weapons. To win your duels you will need to aim precisely because the enemies will want to destroy you.

Two game modes are offered on many different maps. In single-player battle mode, players play alone and you need to get the best score at the end of the round to win. You will earn points by eliminating your opponents or placing yourself at the green flag on the map.

Team battle mode offers battles between the blue team and the red team, you have to eliminate your enemies without dying to earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins the game. By creating a quick and free account on, you can save your progress thanks to your profile and get experience, gold and various cosmetic items for your weapons.

How to play
Kirka io is a Minecraft-style multiplayer online shooter. The game is designed from a first-person perspective. In the game, you must be the last survivor of the war. In the game you will face many different opponents from all over the world. You must use your skills and tactics to become the player with the highest score in the game without being eliminated early. This is a highly competitive first-person shooter that you can play in your browser with no downloads or login required. Create an account, gain experience, level up and earn rewards as you progress.

The game offers the opportunity to create a clan and recruit members. At the end of each month, the clan with the most points will win a prize.

W: Progress

Q: Back

A: Turn left

Question: Turn right

Space bar: Skip

C: Squat

Shift: Run

Left mouse click: Shoot

Right mouse click: Aim

Question: Change weapon

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