Jenga Demolish Master

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Jenga Demolish Master
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With the Jenga Demolish Master Unblocked game, you touch the pillars of the houses and destroy the walls. The pole you touch collapses, disrupting the balance of the house. There are red and blue people inside the rooms of the house. The red people are enemy soldiers and the blue people are hostages being held captive. You try to destroy the enemies without harming the hostage. If the hostage dies, you lose and have to start the same level again. There are bombs made of TNT molds inside the house. If the bombs explode, all the houses around are destroyed and all the people die. In this case, you are on fire. You must develop a different tactic and strategy with each new attempt and avoid harming the hostages. Thus, while playing the Jenga Demolish Master game, you complete the levels by carefully smashing the columns and rescuing the hostages.

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