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Experience the other side of the war with the Jacksmith Unblocked Game. Heroes may be the apparent victors of battle, but it is the blacksmiths who forge the legendary weapons. At Jacksmith, you can become a blacksmith and forge your legacy in the hot fires. After all, the hero may use it, but ultimately it is the weapon that kills monsters. Grab your hammer, clear the surface of the anvil, and start pumping the bellows to activate the flames! Show off your blacksmithing skills as you create the best weapons and help the kingdom’s soldiers kill dangerous monsters. Are you ready to flex your muscles and endure the heat of the forge?

In Jacksmith, you are a traveling blacksmith. Your goal is to produce weapons for your military customers. At first, you will have a limited number of gems and grips that you can use. As you progress, you’ll discover new ores, weapon parts, and even some legendary weapon designs! When you start each level, your sidekick Scout will give you a brief report about the monsters lurking around. Soldiers will arrive soon and order new weapons. To craft a weapon, click on the customer’s order and then select a crafting station. Choose the type of weapon you want to forge and choose a metal ore. Metal ores determine a weapon’s strength and durability. Higher quality ores provide a more durable design. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge, as overheating a metal will produce poor quality weapons. After pouring the molten metal into the mold, it is time to hone the edges and assemble the handles. To give swords a sharp edge, you need to hammer the blades. For bows you need to string the bow and craft the arrows. Each weapon has a different crafting process, so make sure you master them all. If you manage to complete all your orders within the time limit, you will earn bonus points. After all your orders are completed, soldiers armed with your weapons will enter the battle. The quality of the weapons you forge will affect the outcome of the battle. Good luck and have fun!

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