Hopping Heads Scream Shout

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Hopping Heads Scream Shout
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While playing the Hopping Heads Scream Shout Unblocked game, you make your character jump into the air as he moves on the track by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. Your character consists of a human head. You see an arrow mark on the upper and chin parts of the head. As the head rolls along the course, the arrow sign changes location. As soon as you click on the screen, the head extends in the direction of the arrow sign and rises into the air. You earn money by collecting gold coins in the air. You can buy new characters from the SHOP section using the money you earn. You can follow the number of levels you are in from the LEVEL section at the top of the screen and the amount of money in your safe from the upper left corner.

As you progress on the track, you will encounter fixed or moving obstacles and barriers. You complete the section by overcoming these obstacles and barriers and reaching the finish point at the end of the track. While playing the Hopping Heads Scream Shout game, you encounter a different track in each level. You can have a fun time by trying to get your character to the end point as quickly as possible in each level.

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