Hole.io Online

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Hole.io Online
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Hole.io online is a game in which you earn points by swallowing and destroying everything in the city. The black hole managed in the game grows as it continues to swallow objects, and as it grows, it can swallow larger objects.

About Hole io Game Play;

In the Hole.io Unblocked game, you compete with other online players within a limited time. The aim of the game is to swallow more objects than other players and try to collect more points. As objects are swallowed in the game, the black hole grows, and as it grows larger objects can be swallowed. At the same time, black holes smaller than the player’s black hole can also be swallowed. The important part of the game is that black holes larger than the player’s black hole can also swallow them. During the swallowing period, one remains motionless and time is wasted. During this period, competitors can get ahead by gaining more points.

Game Modes:

The game takes place in a city map. There are three modes in the game: Classic Mode, Solo Run Mode and Battle Mode. In the classic mode, you try to grow by swallowing everything, including other players, for two minutes. In Solo Run mode, the growth rate is tried to be 100% by swallowing everything on a map where there are no other players. Finally, in Battle mode, the player tries to remain alone at the end of the game by defeating other players.

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