Hippo Supermarket

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Hippo Supermarket
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Hippo Supermarket Unblocked game Join Jack Ma and realize his dream of owning and managing a supermarket in Hippo Supermarket! As the Manager of this new store, it’s up to you to develop and expand the business. Do you have what it takes to build the store from scratch?

As the store manager, your goal is to create shelves and expand the store. You do this by earning money by playing a combining puzzle. Your store will receive orders and to complete these orders you need to create new ones by combining various items. After collecting the necessary items, you can sell them and earn money. You can upgrade your store with these coins. There are dozens of different products you can find. Click on the spawners to add items to the board. Then create a new one by combining 2 of the same ones. Remember that every action uses energy. You can track your energy at the top of the screen. But don’t worry because as you level up you will earn bonus boxes. These will contain more items, energy points and even gems! Complete daily missions, unlock more slots and hire a mascot! It’s your store, so make sure it grows! We hope you have fun!

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